For women and all who think their lives forward

Do the following life situations sound familiar to you?

Your next career step

  • You have been succcessful and professional in your job for years. Boredom sets in and you long for further development and change, because you feel that there is so much more to you than what your job has demanded of you for years.
  • You have just finished your studies with a very good degree. All doors are open to you. And that’s where the challenge begins. Today’s professional world is full of countless possibilities. You are looking for orientation, are unsure and suddenly ask yourself whether you have specialised in the right field for you at all.
  • You feel a crosswind or even a headwind in your job in the context of New Work, digitalisation and agile working. A queasy feeling in your stomach is spreading. You ask yourself whether you can (still) keep up with the changing demands of the job and Generation Z and whether your job is actually still secure.

Your way back into the profession

  • You are a successful family manager. Your children are growing up very quickly and going their own ways. Suddenly you have unaccustomed freedom: a situation that arouses curiosity in you, but also makes you a little afraid of the impending emptiness.
  • You are a young mother and a career-conscious woman and after the consciously chosen motherhood and family phase, you want to continue in your career – and your thoughts circle around how you can reconcile the different areas of life and roles without wearing yourself out between all the obligations and without becoming exhausted.
  • You have consciously chosen the role of wife and mother, and for many years you have sacrificially committed yourself to the family and others: These were very enriching experiences, but at the same time also energy-sapping times in which you endured many different burdens and seem to have forgotten yourself a little. Suddenly questions arise: What now? Where does your professional future lie? How can you get back into the job market? How can you make yourself attractive for the job market?

Your longing for a pause in the complexity of life

  • Dare to look back … on the experiences since the beginning of the year
  • Go into reflection … to gain valuable insights
  • Sharpen the view for the essentials … for the time until the end of the year

You think

now is the ideal time to actively take your future into your own hands and write your next chapter in life?

You are looking for

exchange and support from a neutral person who does not come from your professional or private environment.

Do yourself good and get to know me.

In individual coaching I am holding the space for you

authentically … creatively … effectively!

You find

  • Space and time to get to the bottom of your desires – “outside the box” and absolutely confidential
  • Become aware of yourself, your strengths and resources – stimulated by effective questions and innovative tools
  • Create a vision of your next chapter in life – clear, structured, authentic  
  • Shape your life plan, make conscious decisions and take your first steps – with positive energy, courage and confidence