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Vicki52 years old, Product Owner in agile lighthouse projects

"My first coaching of this kind, in which I participated with curiosity, excitement, but also a certain scepticism. There was - not noticeably - intensive work in a relaxed atmosphere, and with a really considerable result for me personally and also in a broader sense for my family and friends. Jutta's competence, skill and open, friendly manner as a coach was simply brilliant. I am very impressed and would like to make my recommendation at this point."

Samuel30 years old, Engineer

"The depth I experienced during the coaching sessions - I had not associated that with coaching before and it surprised me very positively. And Jutta has the ability to adapt to her clients with a wide range of implementation methods. The tools she offers serve as support, not as a limiting guide, and so each client, entirely according to what they need, is guided by Jutta in their own way."

Marie-Claire23 years old, Student

"What surprised me in a positive way was how easy Jutta made it for me to trust her so quickly. It was easy for me to confide in her and work with her right from the start. And that exclusively in the virtual coaching room. In general, the coaching journey with Jutta enabled me to look at my life - in which so much is currently happening that points the way to my future - from a new perspective. She has helped me to observe myself, so to speak, and also to develop a better idea of where and how I would like to experience myself in the near future."

Claudia47 years old, Osteopath

"The questions Jutta asked me during the coaching helped me to sort and structure myself.
The path to more insight and better inner knowledge became possible for me precisely because Jutta repeated or slightly changed essential questions but with the same objective. Through the clarity I felt motivated to give up old patterns and to integrate new things positively into my life. Through Jutta's coaching I got to know myself better in the long term."

Marie50 years old, Risk Manager

"A big thank you to the colleague who put me in touch with Jutta. Without her I would not have embarked on such an experience. Although I brought negative and stressful issues into the coaching sessions, the experience was unexpectedly positive. It is interesting that I was able to open up to Jutta totally quickly and it did me good to savour the space she held. Jutta mirrored the positive from what I said and accompanied me in partnership to insights. Through this I managed to leave out my constant companion "BUT" and have many more positive things about myself in my ear. And Jutta gently nudged me towards reflection."