She remembered who she was …
and the game of her life changed

Lala Delia

This quote aptly describes how I became the entrepreneur of my personal and professional transformation.

When I got to know Design Thinking – the innovation methodology developed at Stanford University, USA – almost by chance many years ago and was able to gain intensive professional experience with its application in the development of a digital customer and sales platform, this was – in retrospect – THE turning point in my professional and personal development. 

The fantastic world of innovative and agile working opened up for me and a way of thinking and working that – supported by clear values and principles – resonates very much with my personality structure and nature and is simply authentic and coherent for me. 

After decades in various expert, project, strategy and leadership roles in the traditional banking business, I unexpectedly found the fertile ground to courageously bring in my pioneering spirit, my joy of experimentation, the passion for lifelong learning and my high energy level, which I had developed since young childhood. It gave my professional work the desired forward-looking drive to shape value-creating change and development – for people, teams and leaders in the intercultural technology environment of a globally operating corporation.
And personally, it releases positive energies in me, which I, as a working woman and mother of two sons, try to use in the best possible way for my balancing act between work, family and my own needs.

It motivates me to explore unknown, complex things, with a willingness to take risks, not to duck away from challenges, but to actively explore and experiment forward.
And getting people moving, giving them access to self-reflection and enriching awareness so that they can move confidently into the future with a clear focus – that’s what is driving me.

So the one began to add to the other. After a phase of professional reorientation and taking on responsibility as an innovation and agile coach in the context of digital and agile transformation, I turned my passion into my profession and discovered my vocation for solution and growth-oriented professional coaching, into which I also bring my innovation know-how from the fields of design thinking and agility for you.

What makes me strong

The secure feeling that I can rely on myself when things get difficult.

Being able to successfully face challenging and difficult phases in life with resilience that has already been challenged many times and thus being able to experience positive growth.